Trouble with artisan sourdough rye bread

HI Everyone,

I love this recipe and bread; tastes great. I am however, having some difficult because it seems to be, following the measurements in the recipe, too wet. My first 14 hour rise does happen but when I try and form a loaf for proofing I am finding the dough too wet to handle comfortably.

This last time I proofed it with wax paper ( after adding a bit of white flour before placing it in my proofing basket with the wax paper), but it did not really rise in the 2nd rising time ( 1 hour plus ) and it stuck to the wax paper when I placed it in my cloche.

The resulting bead, after baking, looked great, tasted terrific as usual, but the wetness of my pre baked dough prevented me from making a "perfect"loaf.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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