Tried Denali's no knead yeast bread. Great results

Finally got down to trying Denali’s No knead Yeast recipe with very gratifying results.
Instead of a loaf, I formed small rolls. The dough was rather wet and shaping the rolls was No breeze, so they weren’t the best looking. But, I got a nice open crumb and they were light and tasty. Thanks for the recipe.
I’m now going to try the rest of the No Knead Yeast Recipes. Malcolm’s next.

Request: Eric or anyone else, would love to see recipes, tips, suggestions etc on crusty rolls, and soft fluffy ones too. Any special baking pans? I just used a regular rectangle baking pan. I covered it with another one In fact anything to get me going. Except for the Denali tryout, where I improvised for rolls, I’ve had big fat flops with bread rolls until now

Here’s a few to try:

Thanks so much. Will try them and post pics.