Tool Advice Please?

What tool does anyone suggest for loosening bread (or any baked good) from my bread machine pan, USA pans, etc.

I’ve scratched the heck out of my pans using a butter knife…

Any decent tool to suggest? I don’t want a serrated - as cutting isn’t my goal…safely releasing is what I’m looking for?


This is my “unsticking spatula.”

It’s horrible and useless as a flipping spatula, but great for loosening food from pans. The “L” bendiness is especially good for getting under cakes and omelettes.

Unfortunately it’s at least 15 years old, and I have no idea where I bought it from.

Thanks!! I too have a flexible spatula like that…I’ll give it a whirl!

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I just got a Scraper from Breadtopia that I like:

Thanks!! And it won’t scratch my non-stick pans - (bread machine pan too?)

One would hope. All my non stick pans are scratched, I haven’t used this tool on them yet. Shouldn’t need a scraper if they’re non-stick. I’ve used the scraper on cast iron and steel pans and the Emile Henry cloches with good effect.

I think the scraper would do the job well. A knife would be more apt to scratch than this hard plastic tool.