Tomato Pie with White Sonora crust

Inspired by @Fermentada’s (Melissa’s) White Sonora empanadas and chicken pie, and in a quest to find new ways to use all the delicious tomatoes and basil from my garden, I made a tomato pie with a crust of 100% whole wheat White Sonora, freshly ground in the Mockmill purchased from Breadtopia a few months ago. Delicious!

This is not a “Southern”-style tomato pie (with mayonnaise) but a more minimalist version comprised of tomatoes (cherries, Black Prince, and other varieties), salt & pepper, breadcrumbs, asiago and mozzarella cheese, minced garlic and lots of basil. My husband was surprised the crust is whole wheat – it’s so different from whole wheat crusts made with red or even other varieties of white wheat. The crust is fabulous; flaky, soft, buttery, and nutty. Much more flavor than a plain white crust (not there’s anything wrong with a white pie crust). I’ll post the recipe later; too tired at the moment.


Its looking really good. I guess this is veg.

Yes, all veg, though not vegan due to the asiago, mozz, and parmesan. Oh, and the loads of butter in the crust. :smiley:

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Waoo… I am surely gonna try this.

That is gorgeous! I want to try it. (I love white sonora wheat too.)

For the pie filling, I followed a recipe I found online at the site Boulder Locavore. It comes together really quickly. Tomato Pie

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