To slash or not to slash? That is the question!

Even if the recipe doesn’t call for slashing the bread dough when putting it into the oven, do any of you slash your dough anyway? If you do, does slashing give you a better oven spring and rise when baking?

I’m curious,

I slash nearly all loaves, but I make primarily free form “artisanal” loaves with natural leaven. I don’t know that the slash/score affects anything other than appearance. The fermentation “gas” has to go somewhere :slight_smile: and the scores help ensure that the loaf is going to open at the scores vs some odd bulge(s) and/or rips. That said, some enriched doughs (brioche) you might not slash (lower temp, less “explosion”) as well as some sandwich loaves, but I tend to do a straight slash down the middle of a sandwich loaf.

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I had always slashed but then tried putting the seam side down and letting nature take its course. I like it… lolsingle-no-slash_2

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