Thermometer Needed?

(caroline) #1

Hello, everyone. Is a thermometer really needed?

At which phases is it most crucial?

thank you and best wishes,

(susanmcc99) #2

Of course you can go without, people made bread for eons without thermometers. But it’s highly recommended. When you pull a loaf out of the oven, a thermometer helps you make sure it is truly done (above 190 F or so). If it’s not fully baked, the crumb will be gummy and unpleasant. Some people use thermometers to measure the dough at various stages of fermentation and proofing; I only use mine when I’m checking for doneness.

(Leah) #3

I like having a thermometer. I only use it when I’m pulling the loaf out of the oven to test for doneness. If my bread hits that 200 degree mark I know it’s done. I actually don’t have an electronic one. Believe it or not, I have an OLD manual thermometer my husband used out in the field to test the temperature of concrete. He’s a civil engineer, LOL. He first brought it home over 40 years ago. We then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected it and we’ve been using it for decades. It’s a treasured friend. It’s just a probe thermometer with a manual read dial at the end. But it’s accurate and when it hits that magic 200 I know I’m good to go.


(mustangmike) #4

Really, you don’t have to have one, but for $6.00 you can buy a cheap Taylor stick thermometer on Amazon and bake your bread so it done every time. Just sayn’

(Gary) #5

I think a fast read digital thermometer is a great tool, and I use it all the time. The temperature of the water -and thus the dough - determines the speed of the rise. Also when the baked loaf hits about 205 F. you are done. Yes you can manage without it, but I would recommend having one, especially if you are new to bread making.
Happy baking. GS

(whippet) #6

Though the instant read thermometers are great i prefer to use one that is continuous read. Mine has a remote readout connected to the probe with a cable. i wait till the bread has been baking for 10 minutes then insert the probe to the center of the loaf, need ot let it set up some before insertion. With the readout set to the desired temp. all I have to do is wait till the alarm goes off and pull the loaves out of the oven.
And, my hands don’t get baked while using the instant read in the oven.