Thanksgiving Overnight Blond Forkish Method

(bengoshi) #1

So I am a little late posting these loaves, but I can report that they did not survive long on Turkey Day – devoured and barely made it to the cheese course. Phenomenal crumb and taste. Building the starter overnight, as Forkish says, does yield a far superior loaf. I will also note that lately I am proofing overnight in the banneton, then unmolding onto parchment paper before dropping into the pan. Using parchment to lift the dough into the pan is so much easier (and safer) with no sloppy “death defying” drops. And there is no noticeable difference in output, as these pictures attest. I just pull the parchment for the final fifteen minutes of the bake…

(Melissa) #2

Beautiful bread!

I’m a fan of parchment paper for the transition too, especially if I want to try an interesting score or if I know the dough might be semi-stuck to the banneton liner. And I reuse the parchment until it’s in crumbles :joy: