Thanks For Making This Possible...❤️

An 8 grain sourdough sandwich bread experiment…and it worked! Thanks to Eric’s learning tools and wonderful products this was possible for someone like me who never baked until I found Breadtopia’s website a few years back.

Milled in the Mockmill 200 (barley, spelt, hard white, kamut, emmer, rye, durum, plus a little organic bread) and sifted with the #40 sifter. Added maple syrup to sweeten, and used cashew milk and butter to enrich. Taste and texture turned out as good as the visual. Very happy with the experiment. Thanks Eric for your inspirational website, quality products, and wonderful grains!!!


Looks wonderful. And I agree, a big thank you to everyone here with a special shout out to @eric @Fermentada @sysadmin and all who contribute on this website.

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