T65 french flour white bread

(charlesvk) #1

Hi people!

Recently I bought a bag of french flour T65 and I baked my first loaf with it today. I made a white flour starter for it, but that´s not my thing, so I used my rye/whole wheat starter instead. Really crunchy crust and chewy crum. So simple, so delicious :slight_smile:

Wishing you much Light and Happy Holidays,


(SingKevin) #2

That looks delicious!

(Leah) #3

WOW! That looks awesome!

(wendyk320) #4

Beautiful loaf, Charles! Happy Holidays to you too!

(charlesvk) #5

Thank you guys! :slight_smile: To share my recipe:

400 gr T65 flour
220 gr water
about 50 gr starter (added 4 hours after having mixed the water and flour)
8 gr salt (dissolved in 15 gr water and added 1 hour after the autolyse)
4½ hours bulk rise (stretching and folding the dough about once an hour)
overnight fermentation in the fridge
shaping and final proving in the banneton for 2½ hours
baked it for 24 minutes covered (at 250C) and 14 minutes uncovered (at 200C)

(SingKevin) #6

Where do you get the French flour?

(charlesvk) #7

Hi Kevin,

Not sure if this is very helpfull to you, but I get it from a mill here in The Netherlands, where I live. It´s a strong white flour with 13% proteins: Farine Bagatelle T65 Label Rouge.

I hope you can find it where you live or maybe someone here knows how you can get it or a good substitute for it.

Kind regards, Charles

(Leah) #8

@SingKevin, though I have no idea where to get the French flour. The Organic High Protein white flour on Breadtopia is a strong white flour with a high protein level, probably similar to the French flour @charlesvk can get in the Netherlands. That may be a good option for you if you’re in the United States.