Suspected yeast allergy - help please!

I’ve been baking for years but recently I’ve started getting red, itchy skin over my palms and around my fingers whenever I bake with certain types of yeast. Has anyone else ever had this? I’m wondering if it’s an allergic reaction or maybe something more common as it’s only some brands.

I don’t want to touch the ingredients with my hands in bad condition of course, and some of my friends have recommended trying out powder-free disposable gloves like these since they won’t contaminate the food like moisturiser would and I can just toss them out after I use a pair.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with something like this? Are gloves a good idea or should I try to sort the issue first?

Interesting…and I imagine inconvenient. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

Yeast is in more places that just baker’s yeast. I’m wondering if you react to other sources, though I guess they have a much lower concentration (fruit skins, buttermilk, aged meats, kombucha).

I’d probably get tested. The immune response can change over time and become more or less of a problem, so it’s probably best to know exactly what you’re allergic to. Google tells me that instant yeast has a couple of other ingredients apart from yeast.