Success! Thanks, Breadtopia!

(susanmcc99) #1

Baked several loaves of no-knead bread a few years back that came out pretty well, but have never kept up with the bread baking. I decided to try one again about a month ago, a lemon-rosemary version from the Williams-Sonoma site. It got me hooked again, and in searching for recipes and tutorials I stumbled across Breadtopia. Eric, your tutorials are fantastic, and your non-precious, easy-going attitude towards bread-baking is especially encouraging. I am having great success. So far I’ve made (in the last month) 1) another lemon-rosemary NK boule (dough was too wet and it came out tasty w/big holes but flat – thanks to you I understand why now);

  1. Cook’s Illustrated’s Almost NK bread, following Eric’s tutorial – delicious faux-sourdough flavor and the loaf itself was gorgeous – here’s a pic and another of the crumb:

  1. A part whole wheat NK boule, again following Eric’s tutorial and recipe, which I proofed in my new banneton – even more gorgeous;

  1. then yesterday I tried my hand at the 100% whole wheat loaf. I ended up following the KAF recipe (no potato flakes), but braided the top as Eric does in his tutorial. This turned out amazing. It’s 100% whole wheat – two cups Bob’s Red Mill organic regular whole wheat, one cup KA white whole wheat – but it’s so moist and flavorful my husband says it tastes like a dessert bread. I’m having to restrain myself. Also, a beautiful loaf.

I am officially obsessed.

Oh yeah – I started my own SD starter – I haven’t used it yet, but by day five it was squishy, bubbly, and full of holes.

Like I said, obsessed.

(susanmcc99) #2

Had to post a pic of my starter on day five, to go with the post above:

(Melissa) #3

Great looking breads and starter!

(susanmcc99) #4

Thank you! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

(Leah) #5

@susanmcc99, I’m VERY impressed! Enjoy!


(wendyk320) #6

Beautiful loaves! Wishing you many more to come. Breadtopia is a great place for inspiration.