Substitute for whole grain Durum flour

I want to make Eric’s “Durum Herb Cheese Sourdough Bread,” but cannot find Whole Grain Durum flour in Tallahassee. What can I use for a substitute? Thanks!

Semolina flour is made from durum wheat. It’s the middlings of the grain, so not whole grain and not “white.” That’s one option sometimes available in some grocery stores (Whole Foods and Italian and Indian grocery stores).

Another is to use whole grain Kamut flour if you have access to that. Kamut and durum are believed to be close genetically.

You can also get Breadtopia’s whole grain durum wheat ; )

The wholegrain kernal (approx):

Bran = 14%, Endosperm = 83%, Germ = 3%

Here’s a crazy idea… If you can only find semolina/durum flour then why not use Semolina/Durum Flour + Wheat Bran or Semolina/Durum Flour + Wheat Bran + Wheat Germ?

This recipe uses 230g wholegrain durum flour. So you can do one of the following…

Semolina/Durum Flour + Wheat Bran

  • 198g semolina/durum flour + 32g wheat bran (mix)
  • 230g bread flour


Semolina/Durum Flour + Wheat Bran + Wheat Germ

  • 191g semolina/durum flour + 32g wheat bran + 7g wheat germ (mix)
  • 230g bread flour


Semolina/Durum flour + Wholewheat flour

The recipe calls for 230g wholegrain durum flour + 230g bread flour. Now if you cleverly mix semolina/durum flour + wholegrain wheat flour we can very closely approximate this when we break it down. So by simply using…

  • 230g semolina/durum flour (= 230g white flour in place of 191g white flour + 32g bran + 7g germ)
  • 230g wholewheat flour (now we put back in the white flour + bran + germ)

You now have a very good substitute without having to buy wheat bran and wheat germ. Just use semolina/durum flour + whole wheat flour (instead of bread flour). It’s not exact but it’s very close with no fuss.

This option I like the best because it’s a clever way round and keeps it simple.

Wow, love your detailed analysis, THANK YOU!!!
I am going with your second option. I will let you know how it turns out.

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My pleasure. Let us know how it turns out.

Thank you Melissa for the good information! I did not know that durum and kulmat were closely related. You guys are the best!!!

THANK YOU, Abel and Melissa! This bread turned out great! As suggested, I used 50/50 semolina and whole wheat. Texture and flavor was perfect, will definitely make it again!



Abe, I actually went with your 3rd option. Thanks again for your help!!!


Looks lovely. Glad you like it. Enjoy!

This looks delicious. I’m glad the substitutions worked so well.

Thanks, Breadtopia is a wonderful resource, THANK YOU!!!

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I’d second the suggestion to use Kamut. Italians who are concerned about sensitivity issues relate to modern varieties of wheat - including Durhum - are making the switch to Kamut for making pasta. Italy apparently is the largest market for American grown Kamut.

I also have a problem in getting Durum Wheat, here in New Brunswick Canada. I was delighted to read your work around and I tried your 50 /50 /Semolina to Whole Wheat recipe. I used 210 grams of Semolina Fine Flour, and 210 grams of Whole Wheat Flour plus 11/2 tps of Salt, 1/4 tps of Instant Yeast 1 1/2 cups of Purified Water, 1Tbs of Barley Malt Syrup,1Tbs of Olive Oil, but did not use Sesame Seeds , Then used Eric’s method for baking the bread in a La Cloche Baker
The end result was a very delicious loaf of bread , with a not to hard a crust and a good airy crumb.
Thanks for the tip.


Nice one! I’m glad it worked and it seems it works a treat. The recipe does call for 50% white flour + 50% wholegrain. True, the white flour is bread flour and the whole grain is durum however having it vice versa keeps the balance with minimal fuss. So what if the white flour is now durum and the whole grain is now wheat… Almost the same difference :slight_smile:

P.s. when it comes to durum flour breads - toast it and dip it into extra virgin olive oil. Bon Appetit.

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