Starter won’t please

This is my second purchase of live starter that is not working. Help please. No growth for severe days. 72 degrees in house.

What have you done so far? A brief outline of each step will help!

If its been several days then you’re starting a starter from scratch.

What kind of water are you using?

Distilled water from a jug. I followed the video instructions. Step one it did not rise…but then it said to go to step 2 anyway after 24 hours…I did. Still not rising.

Sorry with the basic questions; what kind of flour are you feeding it? …and do you know how long it was between when you ordered it and when you first fed it?

If you are using distilled water (not optimal but should definitely work) and using a relatively “normal” wheat flour to feed and it’s not rising within a day or two max, then I think it’s probably dead starter. As far as I know, Breadtopia guarantees healthy delivery within the US so you may want to contact them if that’s where you got it.

I think that’s the problem. It did nothing so you went onto the next step. If it were me it’d be… It did nothing so I’ll wait until it does something before going onto the next step.

If there’s nothing happening then what are you feeding? You’ve slowed it down, not sped it up by doing that.

Stop feeding, keep warm and give it a stir every now and again. Keep that up for however long it takes. 1,2,3 even 4 days. Once it wakes up then start feeding again.