Sprouted Wheat Berries - rehydrating?

Hi. I’m new to milling my own flour. I purchased sprouted hard white wheat berries and have used them to bake bread unsuccessfully. I read somewhere that sprouted wheat berries need to be rehydrated before using or milling…I didn’t do that. If anyone knows anything about this I could sure use some help. If I need to rehydrate the sprouted wheat berries before milling…wondering how to do that. Maybe I don’t need to? Thanks for any help, I sure do appreciate any advise on this.

Definitely keep anything you mill dry, otherwise you’ll gum up the stones.

I’m thinking what you read was you want to rehydrate the berries if you’re going to bake with them whole. There’s a beer and wheat berry bread in the Breadtopia blog that uses whole sprouted berries as if they were nuts or seeds. If they went into the dough dry, they’d stay unpleasantly hard, so hydrating is key.

Thanks for your help. I am thinking then that it’s probably okay to directly use/mill the sprouted hard white wheat berries to make bread. Possibly my unsuccessful bread was the result of something else.