Sourdough with whey water, spring water, and wild yeast

This is my best tasting sourdough to date. Wow. I have been maintaining my starter, and baking sourdough with it for one year now. (I have only lost one banneton to wet dough.) Recently started making homemade ricotta cheese, holy cow, so easy, try it, and decided to use whey as the water for the sourdough. Wow!! So delicious, I don’t want to stop eating it.

It is made with flour from kamut, red de bordeaux, and KA bread flour. Starter is with KA bread flour. Solsalt’s sea salt.

Another thing that happened, it was being baked in a lodge dutch oven, and a neighbor stopped by. I went outside leaving my timer/phone inside. At my age, big no no. The OH S… moment, I run back inside, an hour has passed. I drop the temperature from 480F to 425F, take the lid off, and let it bake 5 more minutes. Not a problem after all, it was not burnt in anyway, and I have never gotten a dark brown crust like this before. Love the look too.

So anyway, I am sold on using whey as the water, or split with spring water for now. The flavor is so good.

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That is a truly beautiful bread, and a crust I dream of achieving. I have used part yogurt whey in some of my breads (with no discernible difference) but now wonder if there’s a difference in using a fermented whey like yogurt vs a fresh whey like your ricotta whey.

I’m curious what the percentages of your 3 flours are. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

Also curious about why your banneton was lost to wet dough. Couldn’t it dry out?

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100g kamut
100g red de Bordeaux
250g KA bread flour

150g starter

150g of whey from ricotta hand making
170g of spring water

12g sea salt

I make ricotta with 100% white vinegar, or I use 2 tbsp of lime juice, plus 1 tbsp of vinegar. They whey water from 100% vinegar did not make the huge flavor change that whey water made from lime juice did. The ricotta has a key lime pie flavor, not the flavor for ricotta I want, but may sacrifice to get this whey water for sourdough.

I look forward to your results.