Sourdough Waffles and Pancakes

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For our little family of 2, this sourdough waffle recipe (as of this morning) has set the bar, to where I don’t believe I will try another rendition…I’ve tried PLENTY! Failures have never been an issue, because I always have my stash of starter that lets me continue my sourdough journey. But now, I can simply look forward to the easiest and tastiest version ever. A little more butter in this recipe, gives it the edge. I made (and will continue) exactly half of this recipe, and it went into our old Sunbeam waffle maker…a perfect breakfast for two.

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I want to try this recipe but only have whole wheat starter as I use it for whole wheat sourdough bread. Can I use it in place of the white starter for this recipe and still use all purpose flour for the flour part?

Sure. It’s a very flexible and forgiving recipe.

I need to feed my extended family - 6 people. If I double the recipe do I need to double the amount of starter?

Yep… Keep the same ratio for everything!

Edit: as a general rule. If you wish to change the starter % then other things need to be altered like timing! However if you wish to stick to the recipe and method then keep the same ratios.

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