Sourdough starter issue

My starter does not rise as illustrated on the tutorial. He’s showing a 50% increase in volume, I’m lucky to be getting 1/4. I’m pretty sure I’m following the instructions closely, however I am using Bread Flour not All Purpose flour.

Try letting your starter get to the point of beginning to fall before you feed it again–you’ll see a little bit of streaking on the sides of the jar and concavity to the surface of the starter.

If you already do something to that effect, then try feeding a slightly higher ratio of flour to water so that your starter is thicker and the bubbles are trapped. This will ensure that expansion is visible rather than lost to popped bubbles.

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I followed your instructions, and WALLA! my starter EXPLODED. I had starter all over the kitchen counter when it forced it’s way our of the Quart Mason Jar. I baked a couple of the Whole Grain Artesian bread and they came out great. I put the starter in the Refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Now I’m ready to go, and I can’t get a rise out of it again. It smells great, bubbles on the surface, but when I tried feeding it I get no rise. ???