Sourdough Starter Bread Recipes

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(Sierragal12) #2

I’ve made this Cajun three-pepper bread six or seven times now but this was my best result. Followed the recipe except for the flour, I used 100% organic sprouted spelt flour. I finally managed to get an airy open crumb along with a great crust. I mixed everything together in a large bowl but this time I added three tablespoons of vital wheat gluten. Once everything was mixed together well I noticed the dough was only slightly sticky so I actually stretched and kneaded the no-knead dough for a few minutes thinking this would devlope the gluten and sure enough I think it did because this is the only thing I did that was different from past baking of this recipe. Never had this many holes before! This is probably my favorite recipe, it’s so easy and I love the hot spicy flavor topped with cream cheese.