Sourdough Spelt Einkorn Bagels

I followed Valeria’s (of Beets and Bones) recipe exactly.

The above crumb shot is while the bagels were still warm … I just could not wait to see and taste :slight_smile: I make white flour bagels (sourdough) but this was my first try at whole grain. The flour is Breadtopia Stone Ground Organic Whole Spelt and Breadtopia Einkorn berries that I ground in my Vitamix. This recipe called for a pre-ferment with 2 Tablespoons of starter. I used my normal “white” starter so there is 1T of white flour from the starter (approx. 20 grams), 400 g spelt, 300 g einkorn and 50 g oat flour. I think it is a great result from all of that whole grain! Oh, flavor is great!!

I have been baking more with Einkorn ever since @Fermentada developed the Einkorn Sandwich Bread recipe. It has become a favorite of mine. I started with Breadtopia Stone Ground Organic Einkorn, but recently bought Breadtopia Einkorn berries and ground them in my Vitamix. Both have done wonderfully in all I’ve made so far.

***I highly recommend Beets and Bones blog. Although this was the first recipe I made from the blog, there are a lot of Einkorn recipes from pie crust to pizza crust to breads. The recipes are well written with elapsed time for each step which I find very helpful in planning, especially first time making a new recipe.


Those bagels look great!


Thank you! I don’t think you would mistake them for a New York Bagel, but I am very happy with them :blush: