Sourdough Rye - Higher Rise

(gwage) #1

I have baked several sourdough loaves lately with good results and great flavor. Is there a technique that will produce a higher rising rye loaf? While my rye results have been good, none of them produced good sandwich sized slices. Any feedback is welcomed!

(Melissa) #2

Those look like they bloomed nicely. If you’re doing 100% whole grain rye, i think you need a pan/tin to get a sandwich square. Otherwise I’ve done 75% and been pretty happy with batards. A tbsp of honey can boost things i believe.

Also sprouted flour…edited this to add that and the formula and photo below.

This bread was 110g bread flour, 330g whole grain sprouted rye flour from Breadtopia, 360g water, 80g starter, 1 tbsp honey, 1.5 tsp salt

(gwage) #3

That’s what I’m looking for! Thank you for the info!

(Melissa) #4

You’re welcome!

(mustangmike) #5

Rye will NEVER rise like white flour. I use twice as much white flour as rye flour, and it still doesn’t rise as good as 100% white.

(gwage) #6

Do you do an overnight proof with this recipe?

(Melissa) #7

I had to retard the dough during the bulk fermentation (it was not ready and i needed to sleep). I also have in my notes “proofed mostly cold” so it was a mix of room temp and refrigerator, but mostly the latter

(gwage) #8

Thanks Melissa! Are you a professional baker or just a talented hobbyist? Your artistic scoring results are beautiful!

(Melissa) #9

Thank you - I think rye is a great flour for scoring, which is ironic since traditional tourte de seigle has the crust open naturally. But I think rye makes a beautiful contrasting palette of dark crumb and light flour, and it’s unlikely to have an explosive blow out of your design.

Good question! I’ll go with professional home-baking blogger :slight_smile: I develop recipes and experiments, and I write about and photograph baking processes; but I don’t sell bread from my home or a bakery.

(gwage) #10

Very cool that you can do something you obviously love to do. On another note, I made a rye loaf yesterday using your formula. Nice loaf with a very open crumb and pleasing sourness. Unfortunately I had the “explosive blow out” you mentioned. I scored the loaf diagonally three times but the blow out happened. I have had this experience several times with rye bread. Any scoring suggestions from the expert?! The blow out is hard to see on the far side of the loaf but I’m sure you can visualize it!

(Leah) #11

@gwage, most of the time no matter how I score any particular loaf of bread I will get an “explosive blow out” too. I just consider it to be part of that particular loaf’s personality since every loaf of mine reacts differently even if I’m using the same recipe and technique. I tend to welcome and enjoy how each loaf comes out. They’re all rustic artisan NK sourdough “individuals” that are delicious and have a quirk all their own. IMHO, that’s how I see them.

Enjoy your bakes!

(gwage) #12

I couldn’t agree more! Just dealing with my perfectionist side. I can assure you after eating this tuna sandwich that the flavor was in no way compromised! Have a great weekend!

(Melissa) #13

Gorgeous bread! I guess the middle score line could have opened more…probably a depth issue.

Some tips to ensure the opening happens at the score instead of elsewhere include going pretty deep but at an angle so the skin of the dough almost peels back. I’ll upload a video below.

Edited to add: more rye relative to bread flour is another good way to reduce bloom :wink:

Here is how deep i cut for the rye with the tree look to it.