Sourdough Rye Flatbread

I decided to make flatbread (or knekkebrød) as we also call it in Norway.
I used 100 gr Breadtopia organic whole rye flour, 400 gr bread flour, 10 gr salt, 300 gr water, 10 gr honey, 5 gr dry yeast and 100 gr sourdough (100 % hydration).
Used my KitchenAid for mixing the dough and let the bulk fermentation take place in the fridge overnight. Divided the dough into pieces, about 50 grams each and used a rolling pin to make the dough about 2 mm thick. Proofing around 30 min.
Baked directly on my baking stone at 380F for 10 min, then gave another 10-15 on the other side.
They taste excellent and kept dry and in open air (don’t put them in a closed container), they will keep for weeks - but they won’t last that long.

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Are these crisp like a “cracker bread” or soft like a tortilla?

And thanks for the recipe!!

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They are very crisp. And they keep “forever”. They were used in polar expeditions more than a hundred years ago when it was limited what kind of food you could bring with you.
You decide the taste depending on the baking time. Personally I like them a little dark, but try it out.
You can also use oat and barley in addition to wheat. I did some versions with malted rye and rye flakes - excellent result.


I am going to try them. I make crackers a lot and I love rye (oats and barley also). And thank you for the history - fun to know!

Those look amazing, @Kjellhan. I adore rye.


I can’t wait to try your recipe. Raised by a Norwegian mom, spending summers in Norway and Mormor visiting winters, I ate a lot of these growing up. Thank you!

Thanks for this formula. Love Knaeckebrot!

From a new baker… I am so excited about trying this recipe. I am adding it to my list. :slight_smile:. Thank you

Has anyone tried using a pasta machine to roll out thin flatbreads like this? The idea just popped into my head and I’m going to try it when the weather cools down enough to bake.

I have tried it, but found that it was just as easy to use the roller pin.