Sourdough rye bread

(fru) #1

Thanks for the recipe Eric

I’ve been baking bread, pizza and brioche made with sourdough starter for 8 months. This is my first rye bread!
I couldn’t find all the ingredients nearby (I live in Italy
) so I added chestnut honey instead of molasses and I didn’t add the caraway seeds. The outcome is good, I guess, the taste too acid for my taste, so I’ll try it again with all the ingredients and I’ll try to not over prove it

(Stuart) #2

That looks really good. Crumb is very nice. Sour is to each person’s taste I am not for much either and try to adjust so it is not as assertive.

(fru) #3

Thank you :smiley:
I’ll try to make it again, I love the fennel and anise in it.
Toasted with cheese is quite good :sweat_smile:

(dustan) #4

I have found that in some of my breads that have a sour taste that they mellow quickly after being cut open and resting for a day

(fru) #5

This time I had the molasses and the caraway seeds, so with all the ingredients the bread tasted amazing! Thank you eric for the recipe :blush:

(Sophiesfoodiefiles) #6

I think that your bread looks quite fabulous even! Waw!

(fru) #7

Thank you!

(davey1025) #8

I made my first loaf and turned out nice and tasted better. I think I would scale back on the molasses if anything.