Sourdough Naan Flatbread

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I almost always have some of this dough in my refrigerator … so easy to mix up and I use it as wanted for flatbread, tortilla (just roll thinner), pizza (hand shape thicker), stuffed like a “Chinese pancake” … very versatile. I’ve been making this since you posted on your own blog :slight_smile: I do use kefir (home cultured) vs milk plus yogurt … same amount, i.e. 1/2 cup milk plus 1/4 cup yogurt = 3/4 cup kefir. I also scale it up and down depending on how much discard I have.

Thanks for this recipe!

I need to try your chinese pancake variation on this :heart_eyes:

Here is the recipe and technique that I started with. With the Naan dough, I roll it extra thin, add toppings/filling, roll it up, coil it, roll it back into a circle and pan fry.

Woks of Life scallion pancakes with how to roll

I don’t always stick to “Chinese” fillings … a tex-mex mix of chiles, chipotle and cheese is good also. But the roll, coil, roll out is a good way to keep most of the filling inside.

This recipe is very similar to my favorite flatbread, Bazlama which is Turkish. It also contains yoghurt and is baked on a cast iron skillet. It’s easy and deeply satisfying. The recipe that I use calls for commercial yeast, so I’m really excited to try your technique using my sourdough starter. And FYI, although my Bazlama recipe calls for white flour, I have made it with varying percentages of whole grain flour (wheat or spelt) all the way up to 100% whole grain and it was equally successful and delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

@easummers I was wondering if you did the coil and re-roll. So cool.

@wendyk320 Wow, bazlama looks basically identical… and delicious : )

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@Fermentada thanks for this great recipe!

Any thoughts on using milk powder instead of milk for the recipe? Would I add water or not? (I know I can “make” milk from the powder by premixing but wonder if there’s a better way to do it all together)

I have to admit I’m not very familiar with using milk powder and not for any particular reason either – just inventory.

My guess is you wouldn’t have to recreate milk first since the mixing process is thorough and the fermentation fairly long. Everything will probably be nicely incorporated that way.

I cannot wait to try this recipe. Will post results when I can, no matter the results.
Thank you so so much for this recipe. I eat a lot of Middle Eastern food and this is just perfect. Thanks

So I couldn’t wait any longer. Refreshed the starter yesterday a/m and p/m, made dough today and cooked it today.

Delicious. Adore it and will have it tonight with some Mjadara I made yesterday. Perfect combo. THANK YOU SO MUCH

You’re welcome! Your naans look great. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe.