Sourdough Milk Rye

This rye at 63% is on the dense side but the crumb is very soft a very typical sandwich style loaf of bread. It has very mild flavors and pan toasted with butter is really wonderful. I may have bulk over proofed it slightly but it still came out good.

Sourdough Milk Rye

Using Dark Rye (whole grain), Organic White and Turkey Red all home milled on finest setting

Day 1 sponge made in the evening:

Ingredient Grams Ounces Volume Baker’s Percentage
Dark Rye Flour 125 4.4 ¼ cup 100%
Warm water (105F) 150 5.3 ½ cup 120%
Rye sour culture 13 .45 > ½ cup 10%

Mix all the ingredients until incorporated, cover and ferment at room temperature (76F). The sponge will have a apple vinegar smell and roughly doubled in size. If tested with a pH meter it will be around 4ph or slightly higher or lower if complete and texture will be airy and stringy.

Day 2 Final dough:

Ingredient Grams Ounces Volume
Sponge 288 10.15 use all
Whole milk (<104F) 150 5.3 5/8 cup
1 large egg beaten 27 .95 ¼ cup
Dark Molasses 22 .75 1 Tbs
Organic White Flour 100 3.5 .7 cup
Turkey Red Flour 100 3.5 .7 cup
Dark Rye Flour 183 6.425 >1 ½ cup
Instant yeast 3.5 .125 ½ tsp
Caraway Seed 5 .175 ¾ Tbs
Salt 9 .325 ½ Tbs
oil for spraying as needed
Flour for dusting as needed
butter for pan as needed
  1. Scald milk and let cool to room temperature.
  2. Combine sponge, egg and molasses in mixer. Use the paddle or dough hook and divider if using a Wondermix on medium speed to integrate the ingredients, about 2 minutes. Reduce speed to low and gradually spoon in the flour, yeast, salt and caraway seed. When the dough starts to come together switch to the dough hook if not already using and continue the mix until all is evenly blended which will take around 8 minutes maybe slightly less. The dough will release from the side of the bowl and form a ball when ready. Remove from mixer bowl and place in a clean bowl to ferment (cover if not using a proofer.) At 85F it will take about 90 minutes to approximately double in size.
  3. Spread oil slick on work surface and remove dough and gently form into a log shape for a pan. Use either a 9x4x4 Pullman pan or a 9x5x3 loaf pan. Butter sides of pan and set dough. Allow to proof at 85F in the proofer until top of dough rises to about 1” from top of Pullman pan (60 – 90 minutes) or even with top of 9x5 loaf pan could be slightly longer at reduced room temperatures.
  4. Preheat oven to 400F and bake loaf until top is a deep golden brown (about 30 to 35 minutes.) Internal temperature should be at least 198F.
  5. Remove from pan to a wire rack and cool thoroughly before serving.

Baker’s Percentages

Ingredient Grams Percentage
Total Flours 507.5 100
Dark Rye 307.5 60.59
Organic White 100 19.7
Turkey Red 100 19.7
Water 150 29.5
Milk 150 29.5
Salt 9 1.77
Instant yeast 3.5 .6
Molasses 21.5 4.24
Caraway Seed 5 .99
Sour rye culture 12.5 2.4
Total Formula 855.5

This recipe was adapted in part from Stanley Ginsberg’s “The Rye Baker.” Original recipe the “Milk Rye” used medium rye flour and bread flour.

The bread looks and sounds wonderful … on my list!

And the layout of the recipe is very nice: very readable, clear and concise. I’m glad the screen capture worked for you!

Thanks for the great recipe and photos, Dennis! I’ve made a number of breads from “The Rye Baker” which is an inspiring book. I’m anxious to try your adaptation as I also prefer to use whole rye flour that I mill myself. Did you bake this pullman loaf with the lid on or off?

Hey Wendy, I did not use the cover for the rye breads just the whole grain wheat as it wants to rise to the heavens.

I always use oil when manipulating my dough so timing on the final rise with “The Rye Bakers’s” method of watching for cracks are a bit of an issue. I haven’t got the timing down right on his breads unless I use flour instead of oil. If you notice in the picture the bread has a funny texture to the top so it didn’t rise much after panning. What is your experience?

I also find that the whole grain seems to be a lighter texture crumb. Have you ever tried egg in a rye dough to strengthen the dough? Going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

So far nothing beats my rendition of a Limpa Rye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: