Sourdough Lemon Rosemary loaf

Shown here with an artisan rye boule I baked at the same time. Sadly, the lemon rosemary was a gift…it smelled so good. Guess I’ll just have to bake another.

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The lemon rosemary sourdough sounds amazing, would you mind sharing the recipe Susan?

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very nice loaves ……… I just love rustic looking bread………bet the smell was lovely


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@Bentio: The short answer is try adding a tablespoon each of rosemary and lemon zest to any mostly white flour loaf you make. I’m sure it would be good in a half to mostly WW loaf as well.

Here’s what I did:

60 g starter (1/4 cup)
380 g water
400 grams AP flour
100 g khorasan/Kamut (next time I might try spelt or another whole wheat)
9 g salt (1 1/2 tsp)
zest of one lemon (bit more than a tablespoon)
one sprig of chopped up fresh rosemary (roughly a tbsp)

Dissolve starter in water.
Mix flours.
Add salt, lemon, and rosemary to flour mix.
Add water/starter mixture to flours, stir to combine.

You can cover the dough at this point and let it bulk ferment for 10-14 hours (depending on temperature and how the dough looks). In other words, do the no-knead thing. I have more success when I do a few stretch and folds – they seem to really add structure, and I get better oven spring and a nicer crumb.

I performed stretch and folds after letting the dough rest, covered, for an hour after mixing. Did two more rounds with 20-30 minutes in between, and then left the dough covered on the counter to bulk ferment. Overslept, so bulk fermentation was about 14 hours in total, which was actually perfect. Turned out the dough, bench rested, preshaped, and proofed for 1 1/2 hour in a floured banneton. Baked 30 minutes in a @breadtopia oblong clay baker at 475 for 30 minutes with cover on, then at 450 for 12 minutes with the cover off.

Let the bread cool for at least an hour, and then DON’T do what I did…give it away to a friend. :cry: :grin:

EDITED to correct the oven temp.

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Thanks Susan.

This bread recipe looks amazing, as do those pictures! I have GOT to try this! I’ve got some Kamut in my freezer. I just need fresh rosemary and a fresh lemon! I definitely want to try this soon. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


@susanmcc99, today I have prepped this sourdough lemon rosemary loaf and will set it out before I head to bed to ferment overnight so I can bake it tomorrow. I found the Kamut I had in the freezer. I hadn’t used it yet and was very pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous golden color and sweet fragrance when I milled it in my Mockmill 100. To come up with about a TBSP of fresh lemon I ended up zesting two lemons and my TBSP of fresh rosemary amounted to 3 sprigs! I may have been a bit heavy-handed with the “aromatics” so this will definitely be an experimental loaf all the way round, won’t it, LOL? The AP flour I used was Arrowhead Organic. It’s the same flour I feed my sourdough, Cyril, so I’m sure he’ll be a very happy starter in this bread.

I’ll have to let you know tomorrow how my bake comes out. I love lemon and I love rosemary. Hopefully this bread will be a winner too. I’ll be baking it in my Breadtopia country loaf oval clay baker. Like you show in your picture, I’ll score the loaf straight down the middle too.


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Hi Leah,

The Kamut flour really does turn the loaf a pretty golden color – pairs well with the lemon. As far as the aromatics goes, I just eyeball it, using zest from one lemon and one sprig of rosemary. So you may have gone a bit overboard with the rosemary and lemon, but I am sure it will be delicious! I have made the same loaf using Eric’s basic no-knead SD recipe of about 30% WW and 70% AP or bread flour (though I always stretch & fold), and that’s great. Baked one yesterday, in fact, for some friends, and it turned out beautifully.


Susan, I just NOW took this loaf out of the oven and OMG, the aroma!!!

I did use AP flour and Kamut with freshly fed sourdough (Cyril). I typically only use bread flour mixed with whatever whole grain I’m using but since your recipe stated “AP” I opted to follow the recipe for the first try. And this was the very first time I have used Kamut. It looks gorgeous, at least to me, LOL. Depending on the flavor once we slice into it, I may reduce the amount of lemon zest to ONE lemon instead of the two I used. I definitely may have been a bit overzealous with the lemon, LOL. I may keep the amount of rosemary though, or reduce it a bit to balance out using less lemon if I end up reducing the lemon. I won’t know until we actually taste this loaf. I did not do any stretch-and-folds. I opted to just do the overnight NK rise to see how it came out. I used a cotton liner in my banneton, rubbed with rice flour. I wasn’t sure whether to just spray the banneton with oil and coat with bran or use the liner. I opted for using the liner. Seemed to work just fine.



Sounds great…let me know how it is after you slice and eat!

@susanmcc99 Oh, Susan!! WOW! Lemon rosemary sourdough! So simple! SO delicious, especially toasted with butter! What a delicious savory bread to accompany a meal! Can you imagine a hearty bowl of soup or perhaps a nice steak with this bread! WOW!

Yes, I was a bit heavy-handed with both the lemon and rosemary, but WOW! This bread will definitely be in my baking repertoire. In future loaves I will cut back the lemon to just the zest of one lemon and perhaps use less rosemary, perhaps, because I do love rosemary. I used three sprigs. Depending on size I may opt to use just two sprigs.

There was a restaurant we frequented that we loved. Sadly it no longer exists but it had a delicious rosemary focaccia as its house bread that we loved. This bread is reminiscent of that!

Here is a picture of my sliced loaf.

Thank you so much for your recipe. Not only is it delicious, but it has definitely put a smile on my face.


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Nice, looks delicious!

Hi Susan, Thank you for this recipe! I was very surprised that the lemon flavor held up through the baking process, it turned out delicious!!! I used 1 tablespoon of rosemary very finely chopped, next time I will add a little more.

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So glad this worked for you. I love how easy and simple it is. It’s a lot of bang for the buck – just add rosemary and lemon zest to a fairly standard (albeit delicious) bread recipe, and the result is quite different and delicious.

@susanmcc99 Susan, I completely agree! I had a slice today with tuna salad for lunch. SO yummy! What a delightful addition to my “must bake again” bread recipes!


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Thanks so much.

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I use Kamut in every loaf I bake because of its scientific proof of being a benefit to health. “Results of this study indicated that for those with clinical manifestation of cardiovascular disease consumption of KAMUT® khorasan wheat products can significantly reduce key factors of cardiovascular risk compared to consumption of modern wheat products. Despite the participants also being under a stringent drug therapy, key factors including total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol LDL, glucose, and insulin were reduced. A significant decrease of inflammation indicating cytokines was also observed.”

I add other flour/grain if I want to get a little variety, but Kamut will always be in my sourdough. The flavor is a winner for me. So I may need to try this recipe soon.

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Why thank you! It’s super easy, as I say above, just add lemon zest and rosemary to a recipe you already like. I usually add it to mostly white flour doughs, but other combos will work as well.