Sourdough Hokkaido Milk Bread with Tangzhong

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Good catch! You’re right.

I must’ve been doing the math for 1 cup of water 90/236…which is closer to 40% than 33.333% but that is neither here nor there.

90/135ish in a cup of flour = .66666

You want 2/3 cup of flour.

(I’ll fix the recipe.)

Thank you so much!

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I recently made this Hokkaido Milk Bread again but with a lot more starter due to inventory and time constraints. It worked out quite well, so I wanted to share this variation on the recipe. I was working off the cuff rather than doing hydration math, which you may have noticed I enjoy. I also enjoy “hmm, let me add less milk to compensate for the extra wet starter…hmm, the dough is still wet, let me add more flour.”

As a result the final dough weight is ~1766g vs the original recipe ~1541g. I used bigger loaf pans. I think I could have gotten away with tall bread in regular loaf pans, but I can’t promise this since I didn’t try it.

Method is the same, minus the original special starter built. I also didn’t cool the melted butter and tangzhong, but rather mixed them with the cool milk and eggs. Therefore, the resulting dough was warm, in the 80s F. This combined with the large amount of starter made possible a bulk fermentation that was only 2.5 hours (in a lit oven). Shaping took about 20 minutes, and the final proof was about 3 hours at room temperature.

390g 100% hydration starter (hypothesis regarding the nice Maillard: I did extra feeding of my starter. I grew it to max straight from the refrigerator, then fed it and grew it to max again.)
200g tangzhong (170g milk + 30g bread flour)
650g flour (400g bread flour +250g all purpose)
100g sugar
12g salt
200g milk
2 eggs
114g (1 stick) melted unsalted butter

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Hello, I tried this recipe for the first time. From the sound of the reviews I expected the bread the be very soft in texture, like dinner rolls or buns. I followed the recipe exactly, w/o improvising. My bread, while delicious, was very firm. I had a beautiful spring in the oven with nice tall loaves. The crumb was just harder and denser than what I was expecting.

(Melissa) #24

I’m sorry your bread was on the firm side. I do find this sourdough version to be somewhat less fluffy than when I make it with yeast. I’m not sure what might have made it hard and dense, though. Perhaps underproofing or less liquid in the form of super small eggs? I’m grasping at straws on that last idea lol

If you’re game to try it again, maybe take the bulk or final proof farther, or try this verson I did later on when I had a lot of starter on hand

Good luck!

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I’ll give that a try, thanks.

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Hi, I’d like to try this for “savoury” sandwiches (as opposed to sweet), like with ham, cheese etc, and I’m thinking maybe it’s too sweet. Would it be safe to reduce the amount of sugar in the dough (how much would you suggest?) without modifying the sweet starter, or do you think other changes to the recipe would be required? Does the sugar play a role in the fluffiness and texture? Thanks in advance!

(Melissa) #27

I used to original recipe as hamburger buns and didn’t find it too sweet, but later I tried not using a sweet stiff starter because i happened to have so much regular starter to use up, and I had good results…less sugar in that dough because the starter was just flour and water. You might give that formula a go: