Sourdough help

You got it :+1: !

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Hi Abe, I’ve done as you directed me to do & have been giving my starter a good stir and nothing else. So far, I don’t see anything happening. However, it does seem a bit runny to me.

If it gets a bit runny then add some flour, a bit at a time, just to thicken it up. Then continue with the waiting and stirring every now and again.

Is it possible for you to post a photo?

It would be but I’m not very tech savvy & I’m not sure how to do that. :crazy_face:

There is a technical way but I also believe drag and drop works. Apparently!

Going to PM you too now so look for the notification in too right hand corner.

Hi Leah, can you tell me what time zone y’all are in ? I don’t want to be sending messages in the wee hours of the morning. :crazy_face:

@adrianna Good morning! I’m personally in the Arizona mountain time zone in the USA. Just so you know, though, I am not on the computer every day nor do I check it all the time. That means even when you post something to me, it could still be hours (or days, even) before I’ll see it and have a chance to respond. So, if it seems like it’s quite a while before I respond to you, that’s why. The beauty of the Internet is that it won’t matter what time of day or night you write to me. It’ll be there for me to read when I access my computer.

Have a great day!

Thanks Leah. I feel like I’m bothering you & Abe with all of my questions. My starter has had some bubbles in it but it’s just not making alot for of progress. So at this point, I’m not sure what to do. :crazy_face:

I sent you an email. I think find yourself a small jar, some wholemeal flour and pure pineapple juice. Let’s jump start this starter.

Ok. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that because I am on Chemo and not allowed to go out because of the virus. And my Husband doesn’t like going out to look for things like that. But I’ll ask him. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:.

I am sorry to hear that. Hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Tell me… Are there any good bakeries that sell sourdough near you? You can ask them if they could give you some starter. The pineapple juice will help but not entirely necessary. A small jar, wholemeal flour and water which has been boiled and cooled will do.

I’m sure there is. I will check. And I will see if I can order the flour from the internet. Thanks :+1:.

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Will your husband buy some fresh basil leaves? Just in case you cannot find a bakery I have another cool idea.



Ok… Let me know what you’ve managed to buy or if you managed to get a starter from a bakery. Then we’ll take it from there.

It will probably be a couple of days. I’ll check back in with you when I get those things. Thanks :+1: !

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Question: is whole wheat flour the same thing as whole meal flour ?

Whenever you’re ready. Can’t harm to remove some of your starter and top it back up with a small feed. You never know it might pick up. Keep safe.

Depends on where you live. I think in some countries there’s a subtle difference but for the purpose of making a starter both are fine.

What we’re looking for is the outer shell of the grain which has all the good stuff. Both have it.

Got it :+1: !