Sourdough dough winding itself around dough hook

(janegove) #1

I bake sourdough every week… I bake a 50:50 strong white bread flour/home milled wholemeal flour using a 100% hydration rye starter and a 100% strong white bread flour using a 100% hydration 100% white bread starter. I use a kitchen aid mixer fitted with a dough hook to mix each dough. Some weeks the dough just winds itself around the dough hook and I have to stop the mixer and untangle it every second turn, other weeks, it is fine. I oil the dough hook with olive oil, however this makes no difference. ‘Has anyone else got this problem and found a solution? It’s very frustrating as I have to keep stopping the mixer to unwind it``

(Liz) #2

I don’t mix a lot of dough in the mixer, but just yesterday, I did mix up an enriched dough that had an entire stick of butter. The dough did wind itself around the hook … I don’t remember it doing that previously … but, I let the mixer keep going and even though it looked to be just thrashing around, the butter did get mixed in thoroughly. SO, my only advice is to try letting it keep going, maybe a bit faster and see if in fact does mix/kneed to the point you want even though it might look like it is just riding around on the hook.

(terryiorns) #3

From your description, I am not sure I have experienced the same. But one of my mixers does not have a clear indicator which of two dough hooks to put in which hole. Sometimes the dough will stick to the dough hooks and push itself up the mixer to come to the bottom of the mixer. I found that switching the dough hooks to different holes results in the dough climbing down instead of up and avoids the messy problem. Another hand mixer I have doesn’t allow you to switch holes and I have never had that problem.