Sourdough Apple Almond Raisin Bread

(Melissa) #41

Your experiments with the recipe sound delicious!

I wish I could answer your dough structure question with confidence. I’m enough of a scientist to observe, note, and modify; but not enough of a scientist to understand the why of my results much of the time. My off-the-cuff theory would be that the sugar in the apple sauce (as well as a bit coming off the dried fruit) does some good toward feeding the starter in the dough. So maybe the excess dough weight is buoyed somewhat by a good strong fermentation. Or we could chalk this up to the miracles and mysteries of bread baking. :slight_smile:

You’ve inspired me to bake this bread again in the coming week, maybe trying some new nuts and fruit and also the cocao nibs @charlesvk and @peevee inspired me to buy a while back. Thanks for sharing your experience with the recipe!

(charlesvk) #42

Thank you for the tag Melissa! I see many delicious breads passing here. I must try this recipe :slight_smile:

(wot) #43

It’s more typical to add all the liquids to the autolyse except for whatever you need to hydrate the amendments. I would probably do that and reduce the amount of water used by however much liquid is used elsewhere. After the first fold you simply destroy the gluten structure you developed by having to incorporate that much additional liquid.

(Melissa) #44

Let me know how it goes! Keeping that structure intact is ideal. I wrote the recipe as a solid additions + bassinage sort of strategy but other approaches may work better.