Smoked Cheddar and Apple Sourdough

My partner requested a cheddar and apple bread so I put together this iteration based on Kirsten’s Basic Open Sourdough recipe.

Levain build 1:2:2

20 g mature starter

20 g bread flour

20 g whole wheat flour

40 g water

311 g white bread flour. 74% including levain

46 g whole wheat flour. 21% including levain

21 g dark rye flour. 5%

287 g warm water 74% hydration

7.5 g salt

77 g levain 9% prefermented flour

2 g diastatic malt powder 0.5%

Total flour without levain 378 g with levain 416.5 g

1 Honeycrisp Apple diced then baked in aluminum with maple syrup and cinnamon.

Cheddar cheese cubed.

  1. Liquid Levain (0:00) — I build mine at around 1:2:2 and let it sit at about 80°F until it more than triples in volume and “peaks”. For my starter, this takes approximately 5-6 hours.

Flour for my starter feeds is composed of a mix of 10% rye, 90% bread flour

  1. Autolyse (+3:00) — This is a pre-soak of the flour, diastatic malt and water. If concerned about the hydration hold back some of the water. You can add it back later, if necessary. Leave the autolyse for anywhere from 2-4 hours (I prefer 3 hours) while the levain finishes fermenting.

  2. Add Levain (+6:00) — Spread on top of dough and work in using your hands. This is a good time to evaluate the feel (hydration) of the dough.

  3. Add Salt (+6:30) — Place salt on top of dough and work in with hands. Dough will start to strengthen.

  4. Light Fold (+7:00) — With dough on a slightly wet bench do a Letter Fold from both ways. NOTE: If baking more than one loaf, divide the dough before folding.

  5. Lamination (+7:30) — Place dough on wet counter and spread out into a large rectangle. Add the baked apples and cheddar spreading on the laminated dough. Do a Letter Fold both ways.

  6. Coil Fold (+8:15) — Do a Coil Fold inside the BF container.

  7. Coil Fold (+9:00) — Do a Coil Fold inside the BF container.

  8. Coil Fold (+9:15) — Do a =Coil Fold inside the BF container.

  9. End of BF - Shaping (~11:30) — The duration of the BF is a judgement call. Shoot for 50-60% rise (assuming my fridge temp is set very low). Warmer fridge (above 39F) means your dough will continue to rise… so in this case, bulk to more like 40%. Divide and shape

  10. Retard Overnight & Bake — Score cold and bake in a pre-heated 500F oven for 20 minutes with steam

  11. Vent Oven 20 minutes into the bake — Vent oven and bake for 25 or more minutes at 420F.

I think that I need to cut the cheddar into smaller pieces next time, these were too large and impeded the oven spring somewhat and too many of them broke through the skin of the dough and melted and then burned. I think I would also drop the temperature more after taking off the lid and bake longer and lower to hopefully avoid as much burnt to a crisp cheese.

Delicious! What a great combo of flavors. Reminds me of my grandfather who would always have a piece of sharp cheddar with his apple pie.