Sicilian No Knead Bread

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This Sicilian no knead bread recipe holds a solid place on my short list of favorite no knead recipes. Huge thanks to its creator Ed Pillitteri from Seattle, who is generously sharing it with us. Serve with spaghetti, eggplant parmesan or lasagna and watch your family or guests weep with joy. Ed Pillitteri – Sicilian…

(Teders) #2

Feeling inspired by this recipe and reading the comments/tips, but living in the Netherlands with different produce, I wonder about 2 things; 1/ the flour. I have (and can easily get) durum semolina. My Komo mill arrived yesterday (yeah!), so I thought I could mill the semolina to get the flour. But since I haven’t read about this (to me) obvious work around, I was wondering if I was wrong in solving it like that? 2/ barley sirup. Completely unknown here in Holland! So I would have tot search and order on-line. That takes time, and I would like to bake today. Barley sirup doesn’t sounds European, which makes me wonder; what do they use in Sicily? Could one possibly substitute it with someting else that I cán get here?

(Teders) #3

Wow, I stand corrected! I CAN get barley malt sirup here! Fieuw!

(Melissa) #4

I used my husband’s dry malt extract for beer brewing, otherwise followed the recipe. I also used the organic durum wheat from Breadtopia. Thank you, Breadtopia store!

Pics of
bubbles from the bulk fermentation

oiled saran wrap with seeds and shaped dough right before plopping into banneton

the crumb

(michael) #5

I love the Sicilian style bread. Breadtopia sells Durum flour which i use with bread flour for the above and pizza dough.

(syros) #6

I have a question about the recipe - I don’t have access to the Barley Malt Syrup and really want to try this recipe. Can honey or corn syrup be substituted - I have the golden syrup on hand, or should molasses be used? The other question I have is that durum flour is hard to find as well - I might have to go to an Italian grocery store - am I looking for type “O” flour? I had purchased some durum flour but it is a fine grind of semolina and don’t know how to adjust this in the recipe, so I want to find durum flour.
Thanks, Sharon

(sysadmin) #7

As it happens, we sell both in our online shop here.

(easummers) #8

I made this mostly per the recipe … a measurement mistake in flour so I added a bit more liquid. Overall my dough looked wetter than Eric’s in the video. I used KAF Durum flour and Wheat Montana white flour (high protein) and the Eden barley malt syrup. After 12 hours at room temperature, I refrigerated for about 6 hours, pre-shaped and shaped cold, last rise 3 hours from cold in a cold kitchen (60F). Baked at 475 for 30 min in a Dutch Oven, reduced heat to 450 for lid off … 12 minutes plus another 4 with the oven door open and heat off.

I didn’t toast the seeds, added raw to top of dough. I added them heavy as I know from experience a lot get lost!

Result is delicious - soft, open crumb, thin crisp crust, great flavor. I happen to love durum and semolina and keep both in my flour stock. This is my favorite durum recipe to date. Thanks Ed and Eric!

(Anna) #9

I made this bread yesterday and is delicious. I used my sourdough starter instead instant yeast.
Also made today a homemade creamy broccoli soup and the bread with it, yummy.
I had no sesame seeds, so used flax seeds.
Definitely a keeper.

(purplequilter) #10

Question: is there a typo in the recipe re: baking time?
“put the lid on and bake for 20 minutes… After 30 minutes with the lid on, remove lid…”
Which should it be, 20 or 30 minutes?