Shipping a Loaf of Artisan Bread

Does anyone have experience shipping (or receiving) a loaf of crusty artisan bread? I would love some tips or suggestions. It will be in transit for two days if everything goes as planned. And the bread will be 75% whole grain.

My plan so far is to bake early in the day, have it cool completely, then wrap and send in the afternoon. I’m thinking a boule would be better than oblong in terms of staying fresh. I’m also thinking putting the bread in a plastic bag would be a mistake given that I never use plastic bags myself.

The birthday girl will be happy with toasting her bread, I’m sure, so I don’t have expectations that it will remain super fresh.


I have thought about this, too, but have yet to act. I came to the conclusion that it would be fine but definitely put it in a plastic bag. Shipping is a dirty process.
My only suggestion to your friend is to place the loaf in the oven for a bit to re crisp the crust. Side note: a friend has shipped home made pies with good results! Good luck and your friend is so lucky!

Thanks, Saza. It will be shipped in a cardboard box, but I hesitate putting the bread itself in a plastic bag in case it gets really hot in transit. Maybe I’ll wrap the bread in wax paper. And in case it doesn’t work out, she can enjoy the multi-seed biscotti I’m also sending (a really good recipe by David Lebovitz).