Second Attempt Using Bread Machine

(Jaque Clarke) #1

My first attempt at baking bread last week was a whole wheat sourdough.
I’d been developing my starter for about a month while working up the courage to actually try baking something.
It came out as a “Turtle brick”, with a thick, heavy (but edible) intereor covered with a hard, half inch thick shell. Much more than a “crust”; almost needed a chain saw to slice that loaf!
This week I tried again; this time I made the dough in the bread machine; used a packet of yeast along with about .25 tsp of baking powder on top of the warmed almond coconut milk, dab of molasses, honey, butter and 50-50 blend of whole wheat and sprouted whole grain white flour.


2LProofStoveTop .

It rose a little but still came out heavy with a tough crust - not as bad as the “turtle” though!.. Tasted great albeit a little chewy!
Next attempt I’m going to lob in a big wad of sourdough, packet of yeast, and about a tsp of baking powder.
. Either going to get that dang loaf to rise or blow it all to splithers trying!
Have a putty knife all ready to scrape it off of the inside of the oven… or just fire up the self cleaning feature and incinerate it in place.
I’m just about crazy enough to enjoy this whole baking gig!

(Jaque Clarke) #2

Haven’t figured out how to post pics in sequential order yet…
Working on it - but I’m sure you can figure it out!