Saw a spark in the oven, not sure if its the top element or the baking tray

I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but I was cooking fish earlier today in the oven (its an electrical oven). I noticed sparking inside, however, when I opened the baking tray the sparking did not come from the heating element, but rather the tray itself, more specifically, the parts where oil was present. Do I need to just use less oil or could it be something up with the element? - If this is relevant I did put a sheet of aluminum foil on the oven tray. kitchen supply store

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I can’t fully answer your question, BUT I have had oven elements burn out and they make quite a scary show. After, there has always been an obviously “burned out” part on the element.

I regularly have oil in a pan, and often high heat, but typically it is either a glass (pyrex or corning) dish or my cast iron pan and I’ve never seen sparks. I can’t speak to a metal tray or foil, though.

It’s just the surface of your baking tray burnt out. How old is it?
The poster above was talking about glass dish, that’s also the case. There might be some foil left since your last cooking.