SAF Premuim Instant yeast?

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I hope that you can help me with a newbie question. What is the difference between SAF Premium Instant yeast in the all red bag, and SAF instant yeast in the red and white bag?

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The best info might be on Amazon customer reviews and questions. The premium is touted to be HIGH POWER and resistant to cooler water temps and you can use less. Since most artisanal (high moisture) dough recipes call for all of 1/4 tsp of instant yeast … anyway. There are about as many opinions as bakers on yeast.

FWIW, the company that makes all of the SAF yeast products as well as Red Star is Lesaffre and there is more on their website regarding their different yeasts than you might want to know.

As far as right now, if you are wanting to make recipes with instant yeast … whatever you can get your hands on that is within its expiry date should be fine. I used SAF instant for many years (I’ve been 100% sourdough for nearly 5 so not buying now) and it always did well. But in a pinch, I would pick up Fleischman’s or RedStar or whatever might be on the shelf and those worked fine also.

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