Rye Flour?

Anyone suffering from the lack of availability of Rye Flour? Or know of source that has Rye Flour in stock?

@jmerrick, you can purchase organic rye berries for grinding at home and already ground organic rye flour here on the Breadtopia website.

Whole Foods carries Arrowhead Mills Organic Rye Flour. Works great for me.


That’s where I’d been getting mine, been off the shelf for a month and staff has no clue why or when it will be back…

I just got 2 bags yesterday, it was even on sale.


Where are you located, I was in the Salt Lake Store today and nothing… :^((

Try Natural Grocers, I buy my Rye Flour from them here in North Texas for $.99 per lb, it comes repackaged in 2 lb bags. https://www.naturalgrocers.com/store-directory (they have stores in Utah)

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Thanks I’ll have a look there.

Thank you for your reference, I was also interested. Comparison of prices here and on that site.