Rising times and temperature

I have a cool kitchen, about 60-65 F. how does this effect my rising times for dough and starters?

My kitchen is in the same temp range … typically 60-62 right now. I am also at 3300 feet altitude which is not a lot, but I think the little bit of altitude compensates a wee bit for cool temps. Also, low humidity but not desert dry.

Generally, though, cooler = longer but relative to what? My starter bubbles up double within 3-4 hours of feeding. My doughs rise within recipe guidelines … about in the middle, I think. So if a recipe says let rise 30%, approx 3-5 hours, I’m probably going to see the 30% at 4 hours.

Ultimately, you will have to learn how things go in your kitchen with your flours and water, temp, altitude, humidity.

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Is there some good article, post, video that explains all these trade-offs?

I too have a cold kitchen, year round. It definitely impacts the timing for starters and doughs, no question. I know that if a recipe says to proof for 1-2 hours, that has no bearing for me. I agree with Liz that you just need to know your kitchen, dough, etc.,; I am almost at sea level and my starter on the counter easily takes 8 hours to get bubbly. There are many other variables to work with. Maybe in the long run with a longer counter ferment or proof you’ll get better flavor similar to a long bulk fermentation in the fridge, so that could be a positive thing.

You might already have some work arounds, but I’ll share some ways to bring it up to or maintain the 70F range.

  • I always warm any water I use to 90F which means the dough right off will be about 75F once mixed, so it’s off to a good start at least
  • use the microwave as an insulation box, with a bowl of very hot water next to the dough. (Or an insulated picnic cooler.)
  • use the oven, very slightly heated
  • on a sunny day, take the bowl of dough to a south facing room where it’s warmer!
  • wrap bowl of 75F dough in a down comforter

A thoughtful son saw my frustrations and suggested to others that they buy me a proofer one Mother’s Day and it made a huge difference!

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Currently I am using my oven with the light on periodically. temperature fluctuates between 60 and 100 so I am building an insulated warm box. I’ll post a picture when I’m done