Rick's No Knead Rye

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Canadian Rick Clare emailed this picture of his fine looking no knead rye he baked yesterday. Made with 20% dark rye and only a 12 hour initial ferment. You can see the nice rise and open crumb. Rick describes the taste as “very flavourful”. This may address some questions about the necessity of proofing for…

any way to make this no knead rye with stout beer?

Yes, just substitute some portion of the water in the recipe for an equal quantity of beer. How much is your call. You might want to start smallish (say 1 cup of beer in place of 1 cup of water) and go from there based on your preference. Could (should) be really good. :relaxed:

thank you for this, can’t wait to try!

p.s. late replying, as i didn’t know there’d been a response to my question.

Hi, new here, as a professional chef, do you find that weighing and using the chart that King Arthur Flour has for weights vs volume is a good guideline, I try to only use weights, as I want consistency, but I am curious as to your thoughts. Thanks, jeff

Helllo again, I am guessing no one watches these questions or blogs. I am curious, the weight for the flours is 352 g give or take, and the water is 360… so that gives me 102% hydration unless I miscalculated. Can you advise? I made the dough, but left out some of the water as it would have been soup, so I will patiently wait for your reply.
Thanks, the Bread I did make was amazing, just not with all the liquid.

White flour in my experience is 130-135g. Whole grain flours depend on the wheat variety but usually are around that too.
1 cup of water is 236g

2.5 cups all purpose/bread flour 135x2.5=337.5
0.5 cup dark rye 135x0.5=67.5
1.75 water x 236 = 413

405 g flour
413 g water

Yep over 100% hydration. Glad you went with your instinct and used the amount of water that you’re comfortable with. Maybe some people who’ve made it with all the water will reply an let us know if it worked okay.