Reviving Dormant Starter

Hi everyone -
I have a new baby (yay!) but my starter has been dormant in the refrigerator for about six months. Is it possible to revive this starter? Before I had my daughter, I was fairly new to sourdough baking and am still learning the methods. Any help or wisdom is welcome.


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Congratulations! Lovely news. Wishing you all the best.

As for the starter of course it can be revived. They are hardy things and as long as it hasn’t grown any mould it should be fine to reactivate. Take it out the fridge, discard the upper layers to get to the less exposed healthier looking part of the starter. Then give it a feed (there’s no one magical feed ratio but I wouldn’t over do it at first and only get into the bigger feeds once it’s woken up so how about 1:1:1 to see how it reacts?) and do not re-feed it till you see some activity. Once it wakes up then you can further strengthen it by slowly increasing the feeds and frequency but let the starter dictate to you how much and how often. Once it’s strong and predictable it’s good to go.