Refrigerator starter time to feed

(Crystalview) #1

A week ago I put fed starter in fridge. It doubled in there but did not fall or get hooch. Is it hungry?

(Leah) #2

@Crystalview, If your starter is living in the refrigerator, IMHO you can safely stir it down to remove excess air bubbles and give it a good feeding once a week. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing with Cyril. I leave Cyril on the counter a minimum of 6 hours (in the summer) to feed before putting him back in the refrigerator. Once I’ve stirred him down and given him a feeding I use a sticky note to mark the level he’s at on the jar he’s in. That way I can see how much he’s growing during the time I leave him out on the counter. if I’ve fed him early enough in the day I’ll wait until I see him collapse a bit in the jar (after he’s risen, of course) before putting him back in the refrigerator. As long as your starter has risen nicely (double in size is what you’re looking for) but honestly, Cyril doesn’t quite double in size. He comes close though. If you’ve gotten a fairly good rise and it’s getting to be bedtime, go ahead and put him back in the refrigerator for safe keeping. BTW, Cyril doesn’t get any hooch or liquid either and he’s a plenty happy little starter. I think the basic rule of thumb is to feed once a week if your starter is living in the refrigerator. The more you bake, the more often you’ll have to feed. Make sure you have at least 30 grams of starter to feed so you can grow more. So remember NOT to use up all your starter in your jar. Save some to grow more. I do tend to keep a larger amount of Cyril around, but that’s just what I want to do. Lots of people don’t keep as much starter around as I do.


(Crystalview) #3

Leah thanks for the words there comfortably helpful

(Crystalview) #4

Ok! Did you mean “stir down”. During the week or just on feeding day? Saturday I divide in half and start some for a friend. It has cool off here too, so I will watch for the rise

(Leah) #5

@Crystalview, I stir Cyril down before I measure him out to use for baking and before feeding. Some people also recommend stirring down in-between while your starter is just inactive in the refrigerator to release air bubbles and help the starter “breathe.” Stirring down at any time does not hurt your starter at all and may even help it. Whatever works for you and your starter! Enjoy!


(Crystalview) #6

Oops forgot to fridge feed for three weeks. Whats next? Thanks!

(Melissa) #7

This shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’d pull out to room temp, discard some and feed the remainder. Probably 1:1:1 and leave it at room temp. If it’s slow to grow; wait until it peaks, refeed at room temp.