Red Fife Sourdough Bread

(xeric77) #22

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I must have under-fed the starter for an 18 hour ripen at room temperature. I’ll limit that to 12 hours next time (I used 1:1:1 ratio). And yes, I have a baking stone and a steel baking sheet with a silicon baking mat. Any suggestions you have will be a tremendous help.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

(Paul) #23

Beware the idea that you can pre-determine the correct length of time to proof sourdough bread dough. It just doesn’t work like that. Because sourdough is a microbial culture of living things that are affected in all kinds of ways by the environment, you have to pay attention to the dough and learn to know when it’s ready by how it looks, smells, feels.

Here’s more words about all that:

And more:

(Melissa) #24

I agree with what Paul wrote, and also should have added that your possibly exhausted starter, if given enough time to work on your dough, would be able to get active and do it’s job just fine!

Here is a recipe that goes over a strategy for baking bread on a pizza stone. I get good results for baguettes and ciabatta with the strategy. Boules and batards are not bad, though truthfully a covered baking vessel always works better for me. I will throw out there that when i started baking, i was right away into doing two loaves at once and my second baker was the glazed ceramic interior of a slow cooker with aluminum foil as the “lid” and it worked great.

(xeric77) #25

Thank you so much, Melissa and Paul!! I actually have a slow cooker with a glazed ceramic interior, so I’ll try that as my baking vessel next time - what a great idea! And yes, I’ll be much more careful with my starter going forward - I’m still getting to know its life cycle. I can’t thank you enough for the great advice, I’m looking forward to trying this recipe again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Warm regards to you both,

(Melissa) #26

You’re welcome!

(Make sure the foil is tight.)

Oh and another option is preheating your baking stone/steel and a large roasting pan lid if you have one, and using those two pieces. You’d get more thermal mass from the roasting pan lid over the loaf than foil. I don’t happen to have a lid that large though so never tried it myself.