Recommendations please, need to buy a new range

(aek) #1

Hi fellow baking enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I need to replace my 20 plus year old Thermador range. I bake bread and other items at least once a week and am an avid cook. Ideally I’d like a dual fuel range, convection oven, and a continuously grated top. However, I have neither the space nor the resources to buy a professional range. I have a small kitchen which will fit a 30” range. Since you are all also avid bakers I’d be interested in any recommendations you might have for a replacement range. Also, I’d definitely like to hear of any models you feel I should avoid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(Roni) #2

Honestly, with what we have gone thru in the last 10 years with new Double Ovens and stovetops, my recommendation would be to just get the Thermador Range Fixed. Even if it costs 400 bucks, you will have a solid working product that you know very well. Appliances are NOT built like they used to be and do not last very many years. We are on our 2nd Stovetop in 10 years. And at over $1700.00 for each one is just nuts. We decided to replace the Stovetop and the Double Ovens about 10 years ago. Still have the Double Ovens, but for so many years we have had trouble with the temp staying where it should be. OK so paid a company to come tell us what it needed, and likely would be from 400-800 bucks. Then (with the Install/Instruction Book in hand) He re-calibrated the ovens. They work much better but still not exact, with sometimes going up 25 to 50 degrees, sometimes not even getting close to where I set it. We have Kitchen Aid brands for both. Ovens are Both reg and convection and digital. My Stovetop is just OK…If I had taken in my large pots with me and a 10" fry pan to see if I could put both on the same side (one behind the other) I NEVER would have bought this Stovetop. No they do not fit. When I am stirring Pasta in the large pot, and sauteing in the fry pan, I want them on the same side front to back for my ease of use. I also only mess up one side of the stove. Good Luck on your decision. Someday I will have me a Commercial set up. If I knew then what I know now, in the costs and lack of longevity, I should have bitten the bullet 10 years ago and just went with the commercial stove/oven. The $5100.00 would have been well spent back then.

(bengoshi) #3

The “just fix the Thermidor” does make the most sense, but what would life be if everything was sensible? I’m frankly dying to upgrade to a steam oven. Gaggenau makes a combi-steam that is the cream of the crop and really expensive — hence I want it badly!

Kidding aside, there are Bosch and other sensible steam options, and I’m curious to try one for baking instead of always using a cloche or cast iron. I did use one in Europe to roast a chicken, etc. completely counter intuitive, its makes a crispy skin bird, so bread could be very interesting.

On the other side of the equation, I’ve also always coveted the Blue ✮ French Door Range, so colorful and pro…

(aek) #4

Thanks to you both for replying. I neglected to say that we have already spent quite a bit of time and money attempting to repair our Thermador. It has a virtually unreachable fried motherboard and considering what we have already spent and its 20 plus year old age, replacement is necessary.

(lorettavndnbrg) #5

I have Bosch appliances. I love them. I use them daily as I do a lot of baking and cooking. Highly recommend them.

(aek) #6

Thanks Loretta. Will explore.

(Jude) #7

I have a 10 year old Maytag that’s been fixed 3 times. The broiler is still hit and miss. I always thought Maytag was a good brand (remember the repair man?) but these days they are made by the same manufacturer as Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, GE and a couple of others. The people I’ve had repairing it say none of these are made to last more than 10 years and it’s time for a new one.
I’ve been looking at Meile (and now I’m thinking steam…lol!) I think you’re smart to go with a European brand but it will cost you.
I would recommend you check what the install will cost you if you go with the plumbed unit. They require a waterline and a drain and I’m thinking that will be pricey!
I hear a lot of buzz among bread nerds about the ROFCO. Might be another one to check into as well.
We have a cottage and just replaced the oven there (originally from my sister in law’s home in the 70’s) with the stove from their parents home circa 1960. I can’t imagine a world where every household throws out their appliances every 10 years!

(jeffthedragon) #8

I hate appliance makers. They no longer make a control panel compatible with my non-digital controlled double oven, whose only deficiency is that the time bake doesn’t work–I don’t think it has a motherboard. I refuse to repair/replace it until both ovens don’t function. After that, I don’t know. My house was born 1959 and AFAIK, so was the oven.

GE, Whirlpool and other ilk, hear this: go suck an egg.

FWIW, my washing machine is a dial controlled Speedqueen. No dryer–don’t need it often–when I do, there’s the laundromat.

(anitaburns) #9

When we bought an old house to renovate, the kitchen included the lowest end oven (too small or a half-sheet pan) and a cheap range top. I hated it with a passion, especially since I’m an avid bread baker. After extensive research I settled on two options - LG or Samsung. I liked the LG roller racks - smooth glide when pushing in a custard or a heavy clay-baker full of dough. The range had to have a bread proof option and convection cooking options. It also needed to have high ratings for even cooking, a central removable griddle, a high BTU burner, and a simmer burner.

I had settled on the LG but when it came to buying one, I needed it before Thanksgiving holiday (big group to cook for). It was out of stock, so I chose the Samsung. It is AWESOME. I love my stove!

One piece of advice, on ANY oven, don’t use the Cleaning cycle. More often than not, they will break the stove. This happened to me twice before I learned my lesson. Even the store salesman where I bought my stove agreed. The Cleaning cycle is dangerous to use and can damage the stove.

To easily clean an oven without commercial oven cleaner, set a bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight with the heat OFF. In the morning the oven can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

I also have a large square Pizza Stone setting in the bottom to further help regulate the even heating of the oven. Don’t use foil, but a stone is not damaging to the stove, just don’t cover the vent holes.

(anitaburns) #10

MAYTAG. WHAT HAPPENED? Some years ago, when my mother needed to replace her appliances, she bought Maytag because they have always had a reputation for reliability. HAH! It continually had problems. The first time I used the cleaning cycle, it blew something that required a repairman. He confessed that the part that went out was designed to fail shortly after the warranty expired. Jeeez! WTF?

Then the central burner went out and another maintenance call. The oven knobs kept melting, too. I discovered that Maytag had been sold to an Asian company. So, not the same quality as before. I will Never buy another Maytag.

My stove now is a Samsung. I almost bought an LG but they were out of stock when I wanted to purchase. I LOVE my Samsung! I’ve had it for two years now and it is a GEM.

(aek) #11

Hey Anita, many thanks for your good info. I too have heard good things about the Samsung and they are definitely on my radar. I’m looking for pretty much the same features you describe. Also, good to know about the cleaning cycle, who knew??”

(Harleyellen05) #12

I have a GE propane 30" stove that is about 12 years old. I hate it. We’ve replaced the ignitor a couple of times at over $200 each time. It still doesn’t always light correctly. It takes about an hour to pre-heat. The temp has an average swing to 25 degrees below the setting. I’m looking at a Wolf all gas. Does anyone have experience with one? Out in my husband’s workshop, we have another small kitchen. The stove there is all electric. I have a rectangular pizza stone on the rack and fire brick leaning against the side walls and a steaming pan underneath. It bakes great crusty sourdough with some nice holes throughout. I’ll fix that one if it breaks. It’s about 15-18 years old. This search is as challenging as finding a good mixer since Viking went out of business.

(Roni) #13

anitaburns, Please share the 2 Oven models you considered. Since we probably will be looking to upgrade ours, would sure help me to check them out. I have noticed that Samsung and LG are putting out some quality appliance products. I know Hubby will never let me get what I really want…a commercial stove.

(anitaburns) #14

I wish I could remember the model numbers. It has been two years. I looked on my stove but the model is not listed anywhere that I could find and the paperwork is filed away in a cabinet in the garage. I’m sure that they have come out with new models by now. I would suggest looking online at reviews or join Consumer Reports for reliable reviews. I just looked online. I believe my Samsung is Model # NX58M6630SS. It was around $1100 then but I see it is on sale for $799.

(dorislns) #15

I have a Frigidaire Gallery which I really like. This is the second one I bought. The first on lasted 18 years and considering how much I use it , especially the baking , I don’t think it owes me anything. It has convection , self-cleaning and a fan to cool the oven off quickly after use. It also has a warming drawer which is totally useless in my opinion. Even though the first stove went up in smoke ( the oven had a fire, but was empty) no damage done , I bought another one same but newer model. This one is now 3 years old and works as well as the old on. It was calibrated to perfection from the manufacturer and is still holding the temperature perfectly.

(aek) #16

Hi. Finally bought my new range. I got a dual fuel 30” BOSCH and I love it. Huge oven, great features and it has baked beautiful bread. I’ve only had it a few weeks now but I’m loving it. Thanks to all of you for getting back to me with your recommendations. Truly appreciated.

(lorettavndnbrg) #17

Great choice. I have the Bosch ovens and li e them.