Purple Sweet Potato Pecan Einkorn Sourdough

This is my first time working with purple sweet potatoes. I find that the flavour is slightly more floral than the more common orange variety. I was hoping to have more oven spring from this but overall I’m fairly pleased with the bake.

To make about 900 g total dough

Levain 20% 74 g 1:1:1 6 hours @ 78ºF

35 g starter 35 g water 35 g whole wheat flour

Autolyse 2 hours

90% bread flour 331 g

10% white spring flour 41 g (I used Einkorn)

Diastatic malt 0.5% 2.045 g

Water 275 g

Add levain 74 g

30 mins later add sea salt 2% 8.1 g

Split dough in two and fold in steamed cooled mashed sweet potato 20% 81 g in one half using slap and fold.

30 mins later laminate the two doughs with the sweet potato dough on top of the other and spread on toasted, roughly chopped pecans 13% 54 g

Bulk fermentation lasted 6 hours at 74ºF, 3-4 coil folds 60 mins intervals following lamination.

Shaped and proofed at room temperature for 20 mins then overnight at 38ºF in fridge.

Baked straight from fridge in Dutch oven.

Heated 500ºF with Dutch oven inside.

Baked in Dutch oven @ 450ºF

Then removed lid and bake at 420ºF 20-30 mins.

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That is a lovely loaf. Love the interesting ingredients. An inspiration for me to try it myself.

Its my understanding that using potatoes will add flavour, in this case also colour, but the extra starches will also be food for the yeasts. Question is if using potatoes then is the diastatic malt really necessary? Will it just mount to the equivalent of using too much diastatic malt?

I probably should try this again without the diastatic malt and see what difference that would make. Do you think I went over in fermentation Abe?

I think fermentation time is fine. You got a well risen dough which clearly has structure. Crumb and texture wise it would be interesting to see if there is any difference if you repeated the exact same recipe just missing out the diastatic malt.

I will say that I added the diastatic malt because I’m never 100% confident that my starter is as active as other people’s even though I suppose there is no evidence of that.

I will make this again and try without the diastatic malt since I still have some purple sweet potatoes. Thanks for the comments Abe.