Pull apart dinner rolls

Can the recipe be merely doubled for 26 dinner rolls??

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These look great; can the dough be frozen - I’m thinking Thanksgiving dinner.

Breadtopia has another dinner roll recipe coming in a couple of days and I wrote some Thanksgiving prep strategies into the post. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the email newsletter : )

That said, I’m more into day-before baking or refrigerating for the final proof to extend the process, so you might check out this thread discusses freezing.

I have never had any issues freezing dough or baked rolls/bread. I like to freeze rolls after shaping but before baking.

But, even though I often throw caution to the wind and try something new for a holiday/occasion, I am ok (mostly) with a quick do-over or some other method of recouping if things go awry. So, I do recommend a test of any new recipe or method before the holiday.

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Thanks, I look forward to seeing the newsletter.

Good advice.