Prune-Ginger Milk Bread

This bread has a very sweet MILD flavor of prunes and ginger. The crumb is very soft with a great texture.

Prune-Ginger Milk Bread

Using a mix of home milled whole grain Organic White Flour and Turkey Red

Ingredients for: (9x4x4 Pullman pan with cover)

Ingredient grams percentage
1 Scalded Milk 200 61.5
Optional: Half & Half / water 132/68 61.5
2 2 whole eggs beaten 54g 17
3 Total Flour 325 100
Fine Ground Organic Whole White Wheat 162.5 50
Fine Ground Turkey Red Whole Wheat 162.5 50
4 Milk Powder 10 3
5 Powdered sugar 30 9.2
6 Table Salt 4 1.2
7 Salted Butter 30 9.2
8 Instant yeast 5 1.5
9 Chopped prunes 75 23
10 Grated Fresh Ginger 6 1.8


  1. Scald milk and cool to <104F.
  2. Mix wet ingredients on medium speed.
  3. Add dry ingredients except butter using a mixer set at low speed until a soft dough forms. (hand kneading is NOT advised)
  4. Once the dough forms introduce butter incorporating same. Continue mixing on low speed for at least 25 minutes or more or until the dough becomes semi-elastic. It is very important that the dough becomes elastic and stretchy. When ready it will clear the sides of the bowl. (if dough is not stretchy the outcome of the bread may be less than ideal.)
  5. Empty mixer bowl to the counter turn into a rough ball lightly oil hands and work surface as the dough will be on the sticky side) and cover dough with plastic wrap to protect from the air and proof the dough in a warm/humid place (82F is ideal) until it roughly doubles in size or slightly less (approximately 40 minutes depending on conditions.)
  6. Press dough out into a large sheet about 12x18” or so. Layout the prunes and grated ginger across the entire sheet.
  7. Tuck and roll dough into a tootsie roll forming into the size of the Pullman pan.
  8. Grease the interior (including the underside of the cover) with butter.
  9. Cover dough with Pullman pan cover and allow to proof in the pan until it barely reaches the top. BE CAREFUL if proofed too long the top can drag on the dough.
  10. Pre-heat oven to 425F for 30 minutes then place pan in oven with cover after spraying the top of the dough lightly with water. Reduce heat to 355F and bake for 20 minutes then remove cover and continue to bake another 10 minutes until hollow when thumped on bottom and golden brown.