Proper Dough amount for Emile Henry 4.2 qt casserole

We’ve baked a few loaves of the No Knead Sourdough Bread from your recipe (with 520 g total flour (half white & half wheat). The flavor/texture is good, but the height of the boule baked in the 4.2 vessel is not sufficient for our preferences. Do you have a suggestion of amount of dough to be used for 4.2 Emile Henry?

If I understand your question correctly, you feel that the dough amount is too small for the 4.2 quart vessel to support a rise. If that is true, you can experiment by increasing all amounts in the recipe. For example, start with 1.25% of each ingredient.

BUT … there are more likely reasons for a less than desired rise: Overproofing (too long for the rise(s) ) being the first I think of. If the dough has been allowed to rise too long, it literally runs out of gas and nothing is left to rise during the bake. The times in any recipe are guidelines and more important than any time range is paying attention to how the dough looks, feels and sometimes smells. This recipe has a video and so the most important thing instead of a time range is to go for a similar appearance as shown in the video.

The other culprit is that starter or yeast, whichever you are using, is not of sufficient strength. If you are getting good and perhaps over-rise before you bake, that is not an issue.

I bake in a 3.5 quart cast iron dutch oven. I oven make very small boules as I bake for just me. All to say that I would be very surprised if it is the amount of dough. Whichever change you decide to try, it is best to try 1 change at a time so that if you get improvement, you know why.

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Thanks- I did go to a 20% increase and it is what is needed. I think the first time might’ve been overproved- I was delayed in a meeting- but that was not the only issue. Sorry to be slow responding- Life is Full!