Preventing Steam from Leaking on Clay Baker

Someone wrote in a reply somewhere that their clay baker leaked steam. The lid was slightly wobbly and didn’t create a tight seal.

Here’s something to try. I had an old ceramic slow cooker insert where the glass lid wobbled and was not a tight seal. I took a few strips of aluminium foil and lined the rim of the lid with it, all around. The lid no longer wobbled and it did seal in steam. I think I used heavy duty foil. The same could work on the lid of a clay baker and is certainly worth a try!

I tried your suggestion with aluminum foil. I do not recommend doing this. That is if you put the foil in place and preheated with it. The dough stuck very easily to the hot foil when I inverted the dough into the baker. Disclaimer: I did this to an Emile Henry Italian Loaf pan so it is narrower than the Breadtopia Oval Baker. So the dough is very close to the side and more likely to come in contact with aluminum foil. My Breadtopia oval baker’s top wobbles like crazy. If you look from the bottom you can see how there is absolutely no seal at all. But unfortunately I got rid of it before i saw this post. Would have liked to try this suggestion on the oval baker where the dough may not come in contact with the aluminum foil as easily. But I was curious if it would work, so since my Emile Henry had a slight leak I thought I’d try it. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting suggested fix.