Posting recipes

It takes a bit of time to cut and paste a recipe into the forum. After all the time spent in making sure the formatting is correct when it posts it becomes a mess. I don’t like looking at messy recipes and there does not appear to be a way to achieve any kind of formatting.

Copy and Paste “WITH” formatting is problematic unless you are going from like to like: for example Word doc to Word doc, Word to Excel. The forum posts are HTML/CSS and they will not respect something like Word formatting.

If you right click on a post, a window comes up and you can select View Source which allows you to see what is being served up in the browser window. This doesn’t really help re your question, only an explanation of how a page is laid out in the browser window.

I believe there are recipe plug ins and that is likely what are used in the blog post areas via the WordPress installation. For the forum posts, we are likely to need to simplify recipes into paragraphs and unless you know CSS and can set up a table or tabs, the quantity and ingredient will not likely line up as you’d prefer … BUT they will line up better than using formatted text which will tend to confuse the html/css of the forum posts.

The other thing you could do if it really bugs you is take photos of your formatted recipes and post the recipes as a series of images.

***I am not a Breadtopia person and might be completely wrong … but, I am a programmer and deal with how things look on a browser page … ALL.THE.TIME. :slight_smile:

******OH … you don’t need to actually take a photo. If you have a screen capture tool, you can capture the screen or part of it and save to an image and then upload that as an image. This might be clear, but if not, I would be happy to do a step by step of this process.

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Thanks, I wasn’t the original poster but will use that information. No way could I learn CSS but I can do a screen shot and the paste that in.

Thanks again

You’re welcome!

I was sort of checking myself and found this WikiHow article that might make more sense than my verbage as well as an additional option for formatting in HTML in Word.

Preserve Formatting When Using Copy and Paste

If anyone reading this does not know how to do Screen Capture, search in your favorite search engine (Google, Bing … whatever) for How to do a Screen Capture in Windows10 or whatever your operating system is.

Hey Liz, Appreciate your time in doing a little research on this. I read the article and was able to post without too much trouble. Thank you.

Maybe someone should post a sticky at the top of this somehow with the instructions. Maybe we would see more postings if folks new how easy it would be.

I use LibreOffice on my Mac and Linux machines and this software of course lets you “select all.” When pasting to the forum there is no option for “paste special” like in other software BUT it does paste the formatting this way fine. In my case it was necessary to post the pictures separately but that is a minor issue. Not sure why I was having issues as I was cutting and pasting (sections) but then maybe that was the issue. Oh well!

Again thanks for your time I was going to give up posting recipes.


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I’m glad it worked for you and your Milk Sourdough Rye recipe looks VERY nice with the excellent formatting!

For Windows 10 folks, I use Windows Key-Shift-S to bring up the little screen capture tool, which allows for selecting a rectangle, free form, window or screen of information. Window = the active Window if you have several open and Screen = the entire screen display or current desktop if you use desktops.

For iOS I believe it is Shift-Command-5 but I tend to use Power-Volume Up and release on iPad and iPhone and then edit the screenshot in Photos.

Bottom line, Google is your friend if you need to know very specifically the options for your hardware-software combo. ***Edited to add …. and YouTube! I have yet to look on YouTube for a how to and not found a number of videos :slight_smile:

Just had an ah- ha moment when attempting to post using my Linux machine. Using the same LibreOffice and the same browser I could not paste the recipe with the formatting. Had to use the MAC using same software and browser.

Not sure if this will or won’t help, but formatting in posts on this forum uses Markdown.

My issue with this forum are both the Linux machines with the formatting. MacBook will paste properly.
Thanks for the tip I’ll try it and see if this solves the problems on the Linux.

The guide did give me the information needed to use the Linux Machines on the forum. I installed “Dillinger” a free cloud based program that will convert html into the requirements for the forum. For anyone that may be interested, a LibreOffice word processing document (is what I use) must be saved as an html extension then once the Dillinger is installed an imported html file will open up with a dual window similar to the forum windows and real time editing is viewed just like on the forum. The final file does need to be saved with an md extension but after can copy and paste directly into the forum. I tried it on both machines and it works.

It is an extra step for posting but getting used to the “extra work” with Linux.

So thanks for the tip.