Pellet Grill Bread Baking

I’ve been baking sourdough bread for many years in my Rec Tec pellet grill:

The results are great. Mine is the older model, the new one is stainless steel. The Emile Henry Bread Cloche just fits in the 7" tall opening.

Last nite I made sourdough pizza for the first time on a pizza stone. The grill/stone reached almost 600F on the “full” setting. I was so excited when I opened the grill and saw a perfect pizza, it was devoured before I thought to take pictures! This is about as close to a wood fired pizza as you can get.

Best regards and happy baking
Gary Kane



That is a gorgeous bread bake!

Thanks for the link to the grill and the temp info for pizza. I am seriously tempted!

If you go for it make sure your baking vessel will fit. We also do plank fish (we don’t eat red meat), lobster tails, etc. I get the Traeger Wood pellets from Home Depot.
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I’m amazed at how great your bread looks bake on that grill, kudos to you.

Thanks for the info, Gary and back at you! I have lived in NW Montana since '94 but I am an I.T. consultant for a dept of UCLA and lived in El Segundo when I started with the U in '91.

My new REC TEC 590 comes tomorrow, can’t wait to start using. What temp are you cooking the bread and how long are you cooking for? Thanks for any info you can give.

I use mine the same as I would use a regular oven since the pellet grills are more a convection oven than charcoal or propane grills. I use ceramic baking vessels so I do 480F to 500F depending on the recipe. The boule in the picture was made with sourdough starter, Red Hill Artisan Bread Flour at 73% hydration, baked @ 485F for 30 minutes covered, 15 minutes @ 400F uncovered. For pizza I run it at the “full” setting with a 14" pizza stone. As soon as Breadtopia gets the Mockmill 100’s back in stock I will switch to 100% milled flour. Enjoy your grill.
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To keep the edges from burning I place a heavy duty cookie sheet between the grill grate and the dutch oven. I cut it to size so it wouldn’t slide around on top of the grill when moving the 500 degree HOT dutch oven. Now no burnt edges on the front or back of the loaf.
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