Peach Pie with a Sourdough Crust

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This pie sounds wonderful. Can you explain ‘break the starter into pieces’ please?
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If you’re using a stand mixer, the paddle attachment will overmix the butter/flour long before it breaks up the blob of starter, so separating the starter into several pieces will help it get incorporated. Definitely stop mixing the dough while the butter is still a bit chunky. You can smear intact starter into the dough by hand if you have to.
This is probably less of an issue when mixing the dough in a food processor or with a pastry knife as both have blades.

Hi Melissa. All my starter is very hydrated, a thick, batter pretty much. Can I use that instead of the solid starter you’re describing in this recipe? If so, how much would I use?

PS, how do you get your starter into a solid mass?

My starter is also a batter, 100% hydration. Once it spins in the mixer a little, it absorbs some flour and gets stiffer so that’s why i thought of it as tearing, but I’ll change the wording to show that you can break a wet starter with a spoon. I’ll also add some photos of the process here.


A little unincorporated starter is okay (see in photo below)

I loved this pie.

That’s great!

This looks like a delicious recipe. But “organic” is just a marketing label and adds nothing to the quality of the result.

jw—one hopes that “organic” indicates that product is non-gmo and not contaminated with herbicides and insecticides, which it claims to be. one can trust or not.

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